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CDF General Member and Qualified Member

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  • Membership year is from January 1 to December 31.  
  • Renewals are due by January 31st, 2019 or a late fee of $50 is added
  • Presently WDC Adjudicator Registration and WDC Dance Teacher Registration is only for International Style Qualified CDF Members.
  • New members joining between November 1 and December 31 will have the Member Fee applied to the following calendar year.
  • Full fee is required when joining in any month from January 1 to October 31 of a calendar year


PRO COMPETITORS.....All Pro and Pro/Am Pro Competitors must register with this site, CDF, to compete in sanctioned competitions in Canada and the USA.  Tick the Membership square.

WDC COMPETITOR.....If you are also dancing WDC World events, you need to add the fee for WDC Competitor registration. CDF forwards your fee to WDC.  Tick the WDC Competitor square. Basic membership is required in order to register as a WDC Competitor.

TEACHERS.....All teachers, qualified by examination or not, are able to register with CDF.  What is the advantage for you?

You have access to our Amateur Medal Evaluation Program, which gives your students a goal orientation for lessons and also can be preparation for competition.  Tick the Membership square.

You also can register with us for a SOCAN license.  SOCAN can be very expensive for teachers since the Government Organization can charge you for using music.  The charge can be in the thousands of dollars as it is calculated by the number of students you have and how many classes they take as well as how many times you play the music, times 365 days of the year.  CDF has negotiated a block price for this license which is very small in comparison. View the SOCAN information.

Tick the SOCAN square

ADJUDICATORS.....If you wish to adjudicate at sanctioned events in Canada or the USA, you must be a member of CDF.

Tick the Membership square.

WDC ADJUDICATOR.....To register on WDC Adjudicator roster, you must have paid your CDF Membership, have a Licentiate qualification in International Style with CDF and be a CDF Licensed Adjudicator,   

WDC TEACHER'S CARD.....Members can register with WDC as a Teacher.  This will include you on the WDC website as a teacher with your contact information.  This is in addition to your CDF membership fee.  Tick WDC Teacher square

Your must
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CDF General Member $105.00
CDF Qualified Member $120.00
SOCAN $85.00
WDC Competitor $100.00
WDC Teacher Card $75.00
WDC Adjudicator $120.00

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